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A Line Bot that shows you the Agriculture market price

Spending day and night searching for the price of the agriculture product?
Even if you got all the data, still have to analyze all the information on the paper?
With all the information on the internet but still can’t finalize the deal?
AG INTELLER is here to solve all the problems.
Whether the prices are different according to the season or market, AG INTELLER summaries all the information that is on the market, you can easily understand the  data through charts and bars in the Line application. Acquire the numbers and information are not no longer complicated.

If you are...

Crop Sellers

We provide not only the prices from each places in Taiwan for farmers to refer while trading, but also the transactions per day. Along with the forecast, knowing the trend of products, makes the farming more effectively.

Trade Strategists

We show the comparison of the prices from different wholesalers and the purchase prices of different region with simple interface, let you know the prices of every product directly. With the charts and the forecast service, you can easily understand the past of the price and the trend in the future.


Besides providing the price of different products from different region, we show you the information of imports and exports, as well as the price from the retailer, with all the sources above, you can expand more channels with lower risks.

A Line Bot that shows you the Agriculture market price

We know what you want


Farmers can get information through the LINE chatbot. There is also an online platform for users to share the latest information.


As a LINE official account, farmers can get information and share instantly.


Bars and charts are provided to make the information among different markets more comprehensive.


Access to AGInteller is available without registration or downloading.



  • Information of the farm-level price for 25+ crops
  • Information of the wholesale price for 25+ crops
  • Information of the transaction volume for 25+ crops
  • Comparison of farm-level price among all fields for 25+ crops
  • Comparison of wholesale price among all fields for 25+ crops
  • Official users’ club on Facebook
  • Push notification for important price information


Join the premium membership, we provide additional services as followings:

  1. Forecasting of farm-level price
  2. Forecasting of retail price
  3. Forecasting of price among different farmers’ association
  4. Forecasting of sales
  5. Forecasting of wholesale price
  1. Information Collection
  2. Importation price
  3. Exportation price

Analysis of agriculture weather


  • Invitation Gift Card Free forecasting of domestic price is available for one week when users successfully invite one friend to join us. Get free forecasting services for another week if you invite second friend.
  • Freshers Gift Card A 30-day trial for “My Mobile Farm” is available once you join us.


Know what the price shows. Know what makes the price.

Commute and Connect

AGInteller makes interaction and communication easier for the agriculture industry.To keep connected with all the users, we also create a users’ club on Facebook. News and discussions concerned with agriculture is welcomed in the club.