Frequently asked questions are listed below.
If you have any other questions, please leave a message or join our Facebook users' club.

Become our friends on LINE and finish the authentication. Enter the code of the  invitation gift card if you are invited by another user. Click here to watch the instruction video.

Free services such as “Information of domestic price” is available once you join AGInteller. You can see not only price information of crops which you want to know, but also get daily information for certain day. Click here to watch the instruction video.

Click the button of “My Mobile Farm” and enter the information of your field. You can also turn on the positioning system to set the information. Click here to watch the instruction video.

You can enter @ + crop you want, for instance, @watermelon, to tell us that you need the price information of watermelon. You can also join our users’ club on Facebook to share and discuss with us!

Yes, you get free forecasting of domestic price if you invite a friend to use the service. So if you invite multiple friends to the service, you’ll get multiple gift cards.

Slightly different. If you subscribe us, you can get a free forecasting of domestic price for a whole month. The service is calculated by artificial intelligence and the information will update immediately. However, if you invite four friends, you will get the free forecast week by week. 

No, if your fresher gift card is out of date, you can’t require for another one. But you are welcome to follow our fan page on Facebook, there might be some other discounts.

Our system maintenance is on 15:00 – 17:00 every Monday. If it is not during the system maintenance but AGINTELLER is still out of work, please check whether your LINE application is the latest version.